Terms & Conditions

Trademark and Keyword Bidding Policy

Affiliates may not bid on our competitor's trademark name, our competitor's domain name, or variations of the above. By competitors, we mean other online inkjet and toner cartridge retailers. Affiliates may bid on cartridge/printer brands. Please note that our Trademark and Keyword Bidding Policy applies to all search engines large and small.

Display URL Content:
Affiliates may not use “www.tomatoink.com” or any variation of TomatoInk trademark term as part of their display URL in any search engine or like marketing campaign without the prior written consent of Merchant.

Affiliates Placing Orders for Themselves

Affiliates may not purchase products during sessions initiated through their own Affiliates links and may not receive commissions for such orders.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension or termination from Merchant's affiliate program. Commissions from sales resulting in traffic sent to us will be cancelled. Please email affiliates [at] tomatoink.com with comments or questions.